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Pearl Soft White 40gr

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The Attraction Pearl Soft White Acrylic Powder is Opaque Opalescent Creamy White powder that won’t create cloudiness or bubbles. This new pigment rich powder has a soft opalescence that ads a romantic look to the enhancement without making it glittery.

  • The Attraction Acrylic Nail Enhancement System empowers the nail tech to create captivating enhancements, effortlessly. Highly advanced acrylic nail technology gives the system its unique feel and spring-back-action, while delivering exceptional adhesion, unsurpassed strength and flexibility.
  • Designed for effortless workability and flow with a spring back action and feel unique to our industry
  • Delivers exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility
  • When used with Attraction Nail Liquid, the working properties never vary
  • Non-yellowing and completely color stable

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€ 19,65
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