Cleanse 236,6 ml

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NSI Cleanse is an essential product for prep and care of gel nail polish services and nail enhancements. Cleanse cleans and removes tacky dispersion layer of all light-cured nail products.

  • Removes tacky dispersion layer from Polish Pro Gel Polish, Balance Hard Gels and Secrets Removable Gel enhancements
  • Promotes product adhesion of top coats and finishing enhancements.
  • Won’t Dissolve enhancements
  • Cleanses all acrylic nail surfaces from dust after filing to prep for the use of Glaze ‘N Go or Glaze ’N Go LED or any top coat.
  • After filing and use of Plush Brush, use with a nail wipe to remove any dust that may be hiding in the sidewalls of the nail

Cleanse is een essentieel product voor de prep en verzorging van gelpolish behandelingen.

Cleanse verwijderd de plaklaag van de gelpolish en gel.


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